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Hottest Cowgirls in Film

Hottest Cowgirls in Film

by Sigrid 30. May 2012 08:38


With all the action in the Wild West, pretty girls are a bonus. While cowboys are uber sexy, cowgirls are of course super sexy too. Whether they are wearing the full blown cowboy attire i.e. complete with cowboy boots, hat and buckle or just don cowboy hats and ride horses, gun slinging cowgirls sure are a thrill to watch.

Here are the hottest cowgirls in film. These films are probably the best cowgirl movies one can watch too. Admittedly, most of them are not new movies but they are still worth watching if you have the time to get a DVD copy.



Penelope Cruz in Bandidas is a bank robber and cowgirl. Those bank tellers were quite lucky weren’t they? The story of Bandidas is more of like a Mexican Robinhood in the form of two women -Maria and Sara. 




Salma Hayek played Penelope Cruz’s partner in crime in the movie Bandidas. The two donned sexy clothes when they disguised themselves as prostitutes in the movie.




Jessica Alba in Sin City played a stripper –probably the most attractive cowgirl stripper that ever graced a pole.




Jessica Simpson in The Dukes of Hazzard. Sure, she gained a little weight recently but in the movie, she looks fit. The movie adaptation of the Dukes of Hazzard wasn’t well-received by critics but Simpson looked hot in the film and that’s enough.





Raquel Welch in the 1969 western film 100 Rifles played a rather sexy cowgirl. The film, although old, is quite fetching thanks to that infamous shower scene. Welch later on became very popular thanks to 100 Rifles.




Anne Hathaway’s topless scene in the infamous gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain is not really the focal point of the said film but one can be sure that this was greatly appreciated. To be very fair to Hathaway, she showcased her great acting skills as Jack Twist’s wife.

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