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Sexy Cowboys

Sexy Cowboys

by Sigrid 16. May 2012 07:59


When women think of cowboys, they do not veer away from the macho cowboys one sees in the movies or for the lucky ones, what they see in the ranch or farm nearby. There are a lot of good looking cowboys in the movies and lots of models who have donned cowboy attire but nothing really compares to the real cowboys whose days are filled with taking care of animals in the ranch.

Cowboys are just uber sexy and what is great about them is that there is no more need to diet or go to the gym because all that ranch work just gets their bodies trim and sculpted. Alright maybe a bit of weight lifting is required but some cowboys do this all the time so basically, they are all fit.




Aside from their usually perfect bodies, they also wear a lot of very nice cowboy boots and hats.

Of course, not all cowboys are good looking but the whole idea of getting their hands dirty with ranch work just gets many women’s motor running.

Because of their rather iconic image, cowboys have enjoyed a type of popularity that just doesn’t go away and they have enjoyed this for centuries whether you are talking about the gauchos of Latin America or the cowboys in the West.




According to a number of women online, modern cowboys are hot and we agree. Since we can’t name the cowboys we know personally, let’s give a few examples from the movies. Daniel Craig is one. He played Jake Lonergan in Cowboys & Aliens. He is ruggedly handsome like many cowboys and he’s just oozing with sex appeal.

Kevin Costner in his movie Dances With Wolves also looked quite good as Lieutenant Dunbar. Doc Holliday played by Val Kilmer in Tombstone is also a favorite while ones who like cowboys with a sense of humor go for Owen Wilson’s Roy O’Bannon character in Shanghai Noon.

Clint Eastwood of course is another favorite and he played a number of cowboy roles during his heyday.


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