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Why Were Cowboy Boots Important For Cowboys in the Wild West?

Why Were Cowboy Boots Important For Cowboys in the Wild West?

by Sigrid 9. July 2012 18:20

Cowboy boots are important for the cowboy –both modern and those who lived in the era of Jesse James and all those legends who lived in the Wild West. Why are cowboy boots so important? Aside from them being sturdy and the practical footwear for those who are always on the road riding a horse, or for modern cowboys who do ranch work, they also offer good protection for the feet.

The Wild West gave birth to barbed wire fencing and wearing shoes that didn’t protect the lower portion of the leg would have been a stupid thing to do because barbed wire was everywhere. At the time, there were no cowboy boots made from faux leather either because for one, there was a large amount of cowhide just waiting to be used and secondly, they were sturdy and could last for a very long time. Sure the cowboys of old kept another pair of cowboy boots for special occasions such as boots they wear to church or to a wedding but they also had another pair that they used on a daily basis.

Cowboy boots are one of those things that cowboys couldn’t live without. It is more of like a kerchief or bandana worn by men who participated in cattle drives –they were essential and without them, a cowboy won’t perform well as cowboy.

When riding a horse, the pointy-toed boots were needed for the feet to take control of the stirrup pretty easily –imagine if you had to spend so much time inserting your feet on your horse’s stirrups while running away from a stampede or worse, from a group of marauders? This of course was an unlikely scenario for the Wild West cowboy because they had everything that they needed –their boots, their kerchiefs, and their Stetson hats. 

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