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Boot Tree In Nevada

by Sigrid 10. November 2011 09:51


Boots have been around for a very long time and boot lovers are a living proof that they are still quite popular centuries after their first appearance on this earth.

In fact, boots are so popular that they are worn by different nationalities even if it signifies the Old West.

On Highway 50 just east of Fallon, Nevada was a boot tree where a range of cowboy boots were hung. It is sad however that the tree was cut down January of 2011. A funeral for the tree, according to sources, was held by a number of people in the area. On that same day, a new shoe tree was born.

One would find that there are a lot of sneakers and tennis shoes on the new tree but if one looks closely you will see that there are quite a few pairs of cowboy boots in the mix.


On America’s roadsides, one may find a few shoe trees. Anthropologists say that shoe trees are probably one of the greatest embodiments of True, American Spirit. The shoe tree as romantics say, starts with one dreamer –a person who thinks that tossing a pair of footwear to the sky will not just fall to the ground but will be caught on a tree branch somewhere. Although it is highly likely that others will follow suit i.e. in tossing old shoes into the sky, there are those rare occasions where there is a shoe tossing avalanche. The tree on Highway 50 is definitely a good example of this dream.





If you are interested in seeing this tree or would like to hang a pair of cowboy boots that already needs to retire, you can travel to US 50. The new shoe tree is located near Middlegate, Nevada just 60 miles from Fallon.


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Engineer Boots - The Thigh High Boots For Men

by Sigrid 3. November 2011 09:46


If you love cowboy boots, you’d probably love looking at old catalogs that have photos of cowboy boots. This is an activity among many cowboy boots enthusiasts especially those who would like to see how cowboy boots have evolved through the years. One can learn a lot from old cowboy boot catalogs and this includes a little bit of history too.

From our little dig on the web, we saw real nice cowboy boot catalogs from the 30s and also learned that engineer boots first appeared in the year 1938. This got us more interested. For the young ones, engineer boots are probably a thing of the past.  What are engineer boots? Engineer boots are probably not considered as cowboy boots by many but as history has it, boots have branched out from the first boots that the world has seen. Engineer boots are just one of those many styles.

This footwear is usually worn by those who ride motorcycles i.e. not by engineers. They are also often made with very sturdy black leather and usually have squarish toes.  The height of these boots range from short i.e. 10 inches to extra high i.e. 38 inches. Now ladies, hold your horses, men can wear thigh high boots too and engineer boots are their excuse. They are not meant to be sexy though because they are designed as a means of protecting the legs and the feet from motorcycle injuries.

More often than not, these boots also have built-in steel toe caps and usually feature metal shanks in the shoes’ sole as well. The leather used although already heavy duty is still double layered to make sure that the engineer boots are stiff enough. These boots also have adjustable leather straps located across the ankle area as well as a strap on the top part of the boots to ensure that it does not slip off.



Ricky Perry Wears Cowboy Boots And May Run For President

by Sigrid 27. October 2011 06:37

Photo Via



To his supporters, Ricky Perry is the answer to the country’s economic problems. The Texan who is said to have fixed Texas recently announced his intention to run for the presidency and his fans from the Republican Party are jubilant.

The Texas governor may be the next Republican that will serve the country next to another cowboy i.e. cowboy-boot-wearing former U.S. President George W. Bush.

Reports say that Perry wears his cowboy boots all the time while George W. Bush in comparison was seen wearing shoes from time to time. One Texas-based reporter said that he has never seen the governor wear any other type of shoes except of course when he is out for a jog.

Perry’s chiseled looks, sources say, is meant for Mount Rushmore but will the cowboy-boot-wearing Republican have a chance in the presidential race? His supporters say yes because Perry for one can fire up an audience. In one prayer rally, Perry reportedly left a lot of people in tears after he spoke. Aside from his cowboy boots and his charisma however, Perry served 5 years in the military too –making him a good bet for the Republican Party.

Perry, according to reports, is more like George W. Bush just on steroids because the man has a lot of energy. He is also described as very confrontational. Dubbed as a real cowboy, Perry was born in a small ranch in the western part of Texas.

It may be possible that Perry is the man for the job but following another cowboy in the presidency may prove to be difficult. Bush fatigue as they call it can be very devastating to Perry’s race to the presidency.

Will this cowboy be the next president of the United States? Only time will tell, meanwhile, let’s all get back to cleaning those muddy cowboy boots. 


New Jason Aldean Collection Wrangler Retro Denim Jacket

by westernhats 21. October 2011 11:47

Resistol Hat Company makers of felt cowboy hats and straw cowboy hats launched the Jason Aldean straw cowboy hat collection a few seasons back. Another company that is a Jason fan is Wrangler !  Wrangler started the production of the Jason Aldean Retro Collection jean that has been available for seveal years. 

 New this Fall 2011 from Wrangler is the Jason Aldean Retro Collection Denim Jacket.

 The new  Jason Aldean Retro denim jacket has the traditional western styling, front pocket with the "W" stitching, denim collar and hand sanded for light destruction.

John Lennon’s Cowboy Hat Fetched Thousands of £

by Sigrid 21. October 2011 05:54

Photo via


John Lennon may be gone but his legacy lives on and so does some of his belongings. The Beatles band member’s cowboy hat and a pair of sunglasses were sold in an auction last August by Larry Warren, an American based in Liverpool.

Warren said in an interview that the cowboy hat and the sunglasses were worn by John Lennon in the mid-60s. During this time, The Beatles were at the height of their music career and were revered by fans from allover the world.

The cowboy hat sold in the auction was reported worn by Lennon during The Beatles’ North American Tour in 1965. The black Italian sunglasses being sold was of course also worn by Lennon but in 1967.

Warren said in an interview that he bought the two items from Lennon’s uncle Charlie. Warren added that he knew Mr. Charlie Lennon well and that years back, Warren bought the said items from Charlie.

Charlie Lennon reportedly did not want to sell the items to Warren but was merely giving them to him. Warren said however that he insisted he pay for the cowboy hat and the sunglasses.

Reminiscing the times he spent with Charlie Lennon, Larry Warren said that John Lennon gave the cowboy hat to his uncle in 1967 and it also came with a toy six-shooter gun. Charlie reportedly loved western films. The hat, Warren continued, however was just too big for Charlie.

Warren helped in the preservation of a number of Beatles memorabilia including being part of a renovation of the church where Lennon and McCartney first met.

John Lennon’s cowboy hat was expected to fetch around £8, 000 while the sunglasses, sources said was expected to be sold at  £4, 000. The sale took place in August 9, 2011 in Berkshire through auctioneers Cameo.

After the auction, the media was informed that the cowboy hat and the sunglasses were sold at £8, 5000.






Caring For Your Suede Boots

by Sigrid 10. October 2011 07:41


So you have suede cowboy boots. Whether you love suede cowboy boots or was given one by a friend. How does one take care of them? Here are a few tips and tricks you might want to know to care for your suede cowboy boots the right way.

Make sure that they are stored in a place where they can breathe. It would also be best to store them away from sunlight because this will make the color fade. Damp places should also be avoided for storage.

If it suddenly rained and you are wearing your suede cowboy boots, it would be best to pat it dry with a clean towel and then let it dry in a cool place. When it is already completely dry, you should use a suede brush to restore its raised fibers.

Suede is a wonderful material but it needs to be cared for if you want it to last for a very long time.  Another important thing is for you to buy suede boots protector. These are usually silicon-based products that protect the surface of the boots. These products can be bought in your local department store. They are usually in the form of sprays. All you have to do is spray some of it on the surface of your suede boots and let it dry manually. Do not speed up the drying process by using heat from a hairdryer or any other item that uses heat to dry certain items because this will only make the suede hard and maybe even worse, crack.

Once you have used silicon spray on your boots, it will be protected from watermarks. However, it will not completely protect it from water damage so make sure that you do not wear these boots in the rain or in snow. 

Caring for Chapped Cowboy Boots

by Sigrid 5. October 2011 05:37

I went back to wearing boots this season but since I did not care well for one of my boots and did not wear them for a long time, I had to deal with chapped leather. How does one fix it if such an unfortunate thing happens?

Taking time to take care of your leather boots will make them last longer and of course, more durable.

 It is always best to clean your boots regularly, whatever kind they may be with quality saddle soap. Use a clean cloth to do this. While cleaning your boots, pay attention to the areas where the leather is cracked and make sure that you work the saddle soap into it for it to soak. After that, you should wipe it with a dry cloth.

Leather needs a lot of care but this is of course relative. If you are used to taking care of leather items, it will not be such a difficult thing to do but if you are lazy like me, you should at least tell yourself that if you do not take care of your leather boots, they will lose their natural beauty.

Applying wax-based shoe polish will also help in maintaining your boots. You can buy wax-based polish in department stores or at your local grocer’s. Bee’s wax is the preferred polish to use for leather boots. You should put an ample amount on your boots and then give the boots a good buffing.

There have been a few interesting suggestions from different fora online however and this includes applying Johnson’s baby oil on the leather or putting lotion on it. These are rather interesting suggestions so I just had to try it. I used a lanolin-based lotion for my brown cowboy boots –and voila! It looked as if it’s brand new.


Riding Boots

by Sigrid 30. September 2011 05:41



If you wanna ride, don’t ride a white horse they say but what if you got the toughest riding boots ever made? Coupled with sheer talent, you may be able to ride a white horse with ease.

What is a riding boot?

Riding boots are manufactured for horse riding with the boots built high enough to cover the leg preventing the rider from getting pinched by the leathers of the saddle. Riding boots also have sturdy toes enabling the shoes to protect the rider’s foot. It also has a distinct heel to prevent sliding.

There are still riding boots today since there are still those who either ride a horse for fun or for competing. These boots however are relatively low-heeled compared to their predecessors –with up to an inch of heel less. There are still some cowboy boot styles that have retained the high heel tradition though since this is not merely a tradition but an important part of the boots’ structure i.e. preventing the rider from slipping.

Many believe that there is only one style for riding boots. This of course is a misconception since there are different riding disciplines and as a result they fall into different categories. In English riding for example, there are those boots made for horse shows to those that are made for pleasure riding. Tall boots for example end  just below the knee. This type of riding boot is worn in competitions and is the standard show boot. This boot is worn in hunter and dressage disciplines.

A paddock boot on the other hand is lower compared to standard show boots. These boots usually end just above the ankle and are worn by kids. Other riding boots include field boots i.e. those boots that have lacing at the ankle and dress boots that are a lot stiffer than other riding boots.

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Acme Boots: History

by Sigrid 20. September 2011 05:40


The Acme Shoe Company was founded in the late 20s during the Great Depression where 2 Chicago shoe manufacturers decided decided to move their business from Illinois to Tennessee.

The two, Jessel Cohn and Sidney Cohn –Jessel’s son set up shop in a 2-storey building on Crossland Avenue and called their company the Acme Shoe Manufacturing Company. There were initially 100 employees of the shoe company and they produced sandals for children and infants. The production of Acme boots was introduced in 1935 when the senior Cohn saw western boots that costs $65 –a rather expensive pair at the time. Since it was rather expensive, the old Cohn took the boots home to study how it was made –noting of course every detail of the shoes’ construction. After his in depth study of it, he and his son Sidney saw that they could actually produce western boots and sell it for a more affordable price. This is how Acme boots were born.

After some time, the Cohns decided to drop their infant and children’s footwear to produce boots hence the name Acme Boots came to life. By the 1940s, the company became one of the largest cowboy boot makers in the history of the United States and remained the largest maker of boots in the world up to the mid-80s.

Acme Boots was later on held by different corporations including Dallas’ Arena Brands which licensed Acme Boots to the Texas Boot Company in the year 2000. It was sold 2 years later to Berkshire Hathaway and placed under the label Double-H Boots.

Today, boots from Acme are still one of the most affordable cowboy boots one can buy but do not be fooled by the prices because the company still produces sturdy yet fashionable cowboy boots to boot. Through the years, the line was improved in terms of comfort and cushioning making it a great choice if you are looking for inexpensive and very comfortable cowboy boots. 


Chippewa Work Boots

by Sigrid 12. September 2011 00:49


If you are looking for lace up boots, Chippewa Boots may be your best choice. The company founded in 1901 is one of Wisconsin’s oldest bootmakers and one of the most popular in the area too.


The Chippewa name is based on the Indian tribe Chippewa that lives in that part of the United States. Chippewa Boots may not be popular among cowboy boot lovers today but since day 1, the company’s aim is to produce the finest boots in the US and it still does even today –making quality one of the company’s strongest features.


In its early days, the Chippewa Boots company employed only 175 people and made over 1000 pairs of boots on a daily basis. Although the production was rather fast if you come to think of it, the bootmaking company never compromised the quality of their boots.


The company started by producing work boots especially top-end logging boots for those who work in the pulp and paper industry in the area at the time. The logger boots quickly gained popularity throughout the Midwest and later on became the staple shoes for high quality work boots for the outdoors.


This reputation made it possible for the bootmaking company to expand into the production of casual boots, work boots, and later on motorcycle boots and outdoor boots.


Although they do not produce cowboy boots per se, the company has gained recognition when it comes to making sturdy lace up boots –an alternative to cowboy boots usually used in the west.


All of the boots produced by the brand is of high quality and are recognized in the United States as the producers of one of the toughest, most durable and most dependable work boots in the country. Chippewa Boots is by far the best when it comes to work boots.


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