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Taylor Swift struts the city streets in her black cowboy boots

by Sarah 23. April 2009 12:49

How cute is Taylor Swift's outfit here? I love the red and black checkered jacket with the skinny jeans and the boots. Steal her look with these pieces below, all of which can be found at Then, match her cowboy boots with this pair right here. Fabulous country style in a flash!



Taylor Swift's love affair with cowboy boots

by Sarah 8. April 2009 16:43

Taylor Swift is known for pairing cowboy boots with her party dresses on stage. Steal her style with these fabulous boots! Taylor's country style is easy to recreate - just grab any cute sundress or party dress and pair it with the flat boots. The look below can be recreated with these fabulous brown boots. Taylor is also often seen in simple black boots, like these ones. 

 Just remember: the best thing about this style is that it's easy breezy. Keep the accessories simple and let the boots do the talking. 

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