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Cowboy Costumes

Cowboy Costumes

by Sarah 11. May 2009 12:03

Not everyone has the right fixings for the perfect cowboy outfit come Halloween, so we thought we'd offer up some inspiration. Take a look at the pictures below - they're the cowboy costumes you could buy at a website like But we think it's easier to just buy some pieces to put together on your own!

Here's what we think you'd need:

- a pair of boots from BootCity. There is no costume without cowboy boots!

- a plaid shirt. You can get one just about anywhere, for any price.

- a vest. The more fringe, the better. If it's printed, fantastic!

- a fake gun. We don't advocate bringing a real one around.

- a bandana. You know you've got one lying around somewhere.

- a hat! No costume is complete without a cowboy hat. Try one in a funky color for fun!

- a pair of jeans. Everyone's got those.

So go on and ride 'em, cowboy!




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